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Michelle, A Registered Professional Accountant and technology enthusiast, with over 12 years experience in the Financial Services sector

After working for an international company in 2011 spending her time implementing new financial systems, processes and controls on various projects across Africa, she found herself to be passionate about entrepreneurs, business start-ups and the solutions following.

Ever since she has had a keen up to date involvement in numerous financial systems and completed several implementations and financial function turnarounds in various industries. Her involvement in the community and excellent network skills further portray her positive impact on entrepreneurs, businesses and woman empowerment.

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Accountants who have exchanged the textbook for a more holistic and unconventional approach to business. We are system specialists looking to simplify your world by implementing preferred elegant software solutions, using the latest technology, the greatest teams, plenty of skill and a whole lot of energy.

We cover most aspects of modern business such as Business Analysis, System Development, System Implementation, System Training, Alternative Finance Solutions and Brand Development.

Our virtual office allows us to work with customers all over the globe. We are available to meet over coffee, to communicate via e-mail or to facilitate consultation sessions and or training via Skype.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we have first-hand knowledge of the daily struggles small business owners are faced with. We spend way to much time working in our business that we forget to work on our businesses.

Nimacc Business Lounge is there to take some of the nitty-gritty tasks off your hands, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.

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Nimacc Services

Whether your challenge is the size of a coffee bean or mount Everest – we solve it.  We have an experienced team of accountants and developers making anything possible in the 21st century.  We spend time with you ensuring we understand your business as well as your challenges from the start to that red carpet finish.  A system is a system, is a system – however, you as a business have your own unique challenges we need to ensure we address with an energetic and efficient strategy session.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t really be the ultimate dragon slayers now, would we?

We live in a world of mind-blowing technological solutions. Allow us to take you on this journey of system discovery. We do architecture planning via a needs analysis – addressing current system and operational challenges, low-hanging fruit, blue sky and most importantly, improvements in efficiencies & scalability. The investment you make now needs to be an investment for the future.
How is this reflected? Ultimately, in the bottom line!

We live in a world of mind-blowing technological solutions.  Allow us to take you on this journey of system discovery.  We do architecture planning via a needs analysis – addressing current system and operational challenges, low-hanging fruit, blue sky and most importantly, improvements in efficiencies & scalability.  The investment you make now needs to be an investment for the future.

How is this reflected?  Ultimately, in the bottom line!

You are unique.  Our system training is tailor-made for your business, ensuring we take into consideration your operating hours, business processes and the team involved.  We go beyond system training, we need to ensure the system implemented matches your business processes and not only theoretically makes sense, but practically as well.

Subsequent to a successful implementation, we are now business partners and in this fast-changing technological space together.  As your business grows and the world changes, your business requirements could change from on-site sales to online sales, from selling b2c to b2b – to both, from one storeroom to a warehouse, come what may – by this point we are now your phone a friend, your trusted business advisor, together in a field of opportunities.

Our web design company specialises in the professional creation of unique web sites & Apps.

Our team constantly monitors the emergence of new technologies that we are not afraid to implement in web projects, making them modern and high-tech.

Each website that we produce is fresh, clean and responsive to help your business grow online.

Simply getting your content in front of people is not enough: it needs to stop them in their tracks, make them pay attention and feel a part of the community to have an impact on the bottom line.

Let us help you boost your business by setting up and managing your social ad campaigns.

Your brand needs to articulate a clear story and connect with your target market in order to grow your influence, strengthen your presence and boost your brand’s value.  We can assist with your brand’s development through every stage of development to achieve the best possible solution.

Our design services include logo design, business card design, brochures and more.

Have you ever considered yourself to be at the right place at the right time? Well, here you have it! Join our secret society, after all, it is said, it’s not always what you know, but who you know? We have partnered with the best in the industry and will love to let you into this circle where all the magic happens:

Need a website, a social media presence, or a complete brand revamp? We would love to introduce you to this energetic, off the wall, yet oh so stylish team of creatives.
Need an accountant, financial manager or an outsourced CFO? Let’s be honest here, this needs to be the perfect fit! We work with different accounting practices on a daily basis in different areas. They each have their own set of expertise and industries which they specialize in. Let’s introduce you to someone who fits the profile perfectly.
Need alternative financing solutions? Many businesses battle with a lack of working capital and run into cash flow problems at some point – you do not need to let this be your downfall. Our partners in this field can assist you by provided transparent solutions
around invoice discounting and purchase order financing.

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