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Nimacc specialises in business automation solutions, and an integral part of effective business management is connecting and automating your accounting softwares.

There are many client-server and cloud-based accounting software solutions, and our team has extensive experience working with many of the major tools. Our services include integrating those systems, and mapping out business processes, linking with existing software, so that manual data entry into these software solutions is not required.

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By integrating different systems, you can improve the efficiency of your operations and you can expand your capabilities without having to build everything in-house.

API Integration Services

Connect your software tools

How do API solutions help your business?:

  • Secure API solutions
  • No more redundant manual tasks
  • Real time synching between tools
  • Cost reduction
  • Future proof your business
  • No more manual errors

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Reviews From Our Clients

Nimacc did a Workflow Max setup for our practice at Secundes Rekenmeesters. Professional service, great value and a life changing new system. Thank you Michelle!

Frikkie van Schalkwyk

Thank you to Genna and Michelle for all your patience with us setting up our Dear and Xero!

Besides for first-time use hiccups we are almost running smooth and Xero is an absolute pleasure doing daily recons and Vat Cycles are a breeze!

Cristel Jooste

We have worked closely with NIMACC on various DEAR Inventory and DEAR Point of a Sale system implementation for our clients and NIMACC have been an insightful and attentive partner to our company

Ryan Fundaro

We have partnered up with Nimacc on numerous DEAR implementations and Michelle and her team are very professional and a pleasure to work with

Nicole Rousseau

Michelle is an ambitious entrepreneur and promotes the use of cloud technology with her clients. Her skills are focused on training and enablement and ensures that clients understand the basics of the cloud applications.

Ryan Coates

Our Process

Business Process Automation and Accounting Software Integration

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Setup, implement and train you on Xero Accounting and any other relevant Xero apps.

Instead of spending 8 hours surfing the internet to find the answers, we can train you in an Hour! Think of the opportunity cost, frustration and time you will be saving.

Custom Build and Integrate your business applications for you.

We love automating your mundane tasks for you, saving you time, allowing you to work on your business, or perhaps just to go out and have some fun with family and friends.

Process your bank transactions for you on a daily basis.

Imagine having the peace of mind everyday that your bank reconciliation is being done by a Pro and that your books are being kept up to date daily. No tax surprises, so stress, just that feeling of pure bliss, knowing that the boring scary things are all under control.

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We are system specialists looking to simplify your world by implementing preferred elegant software solutions, using the latest technology.

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